Car rental

Over 30 years ago Van der Helm Senior established the company, initially only as a garage. Many of the local residents are now loyal customers; whether just for an MOT test, a small or comprehensive maintenance inspection, but the main activity is now van rental as well as passenger car and bus rental. Vans are rented throughout the year, especially for moving house.

That does not mean the cars and buses are neglected the rest of the year. In recent years more and more people rent a car or a bus for their winter sports holiday.


Personal attention for each customer

A clean car and individual attention for each and every customer in a quiet residential area in Duinoord, which is where car rental company Helm Car Rental is located.

Sports clubs and institutions for physically disabled people also use the passenger buses for pre- and post-season excursions. On average, this is about fifteen percent cheaper than in-season activities. Roughly the same applies to vans. “There are plenty of people who choose to move house in the evening to save dozens of Euros. Others can do it on a Saturday or during the week. This means that we have a nice spread of our rentals”.

But what happens in case of unexpected peak periods?

“In case of shortages we reach out to other rental companies and this goes both ways. We help each other out that way. There is no real competition in that sense, because prices are also roughly the same. What really distinguishes us from the major car rental companies is the personal attention and customer care we offer.


Reliable car rental

We show the customer to their car, adjust the mirrors, and show them all the buttons, so that they do not have to figure out themselves how to put the car in reverse, or how to turn on the windshield wipers. Furthermore, we provide each customer with a super clean car. We even wave them goodbye”.

At the end of the day, what they want is to rent a car that is as cheap as possible and as reliable as possible. We provide just that”. Van der Helm has a large number of regular clients, as well as a group of varying customers who rent a car once or twice a year. Or is there another identifiable trend? “Absolutely. There are an increasing number of people who choose to get rid of their car, and take the bicycle or public transport instead, and rent a car for longer trips”.