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Winter tire and show chain rentals

The use of winter tires and snow chains has been on the rise lately because it is much safer than summer tires. That is why Helm Car Rental is the place to go for winter tire and snow chain rentals. The tires of your car are extremely important for your safety on the road, especially in winter. This is the reason that more and more people opt for winter tires. Winter tires increase your grip on the road, decrease the braking distance, and consequently decrease traffic accidents.

verhuur winterbanden

Snow chains are also a good way to increase safety on the road in the snow and icy conditions. Many people, however, think that snow chains can replace winter tires. This is not true. Snow chains are not suitable for normal roads. Snow chains are often required for mountain roads and sometimes even obligatory. The snow chains must be installed on the drive wheels and they help you to drive on snowy roads at a limited speed and for only a short distance.

By using winter tires and snow chains your driving experience will be more worry-free, which makes you drive more calmly and the chances of an accident are decreased. It is possible that you may need the winter tires and snow chains for only a limited amount of time, for example when you go on a skiing trip. That is why we at Helm Car Rental offer the possibility to rent winter tires and snow chains for a predetermined time.

Do you want to feel safe on the road and are you interested in renting our winter tires and snow chains? Or would you like more information on the possibilities and prices? Please contact us and we will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

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