Welcome to the Helm Car Rental website

A clean car and individual attention for each and every customer in a quiet residential area in Duinoord, which is where car rental company Helm Car Rental is located.

At Helm Car Rental you can find all the means of transport you require, such as passenger cars, passenger vans, and commercial vehicles. We are known for our personal attention and customer care!

Over 30 years ago, Van der Helm Senior founded the company, initially only as a garage. Many of the local residents have now become loyal customers; whether just for an MOT test, a small or comprehensive maintenance inspection, or repairs, but the core business is now van, passenger car, and bus rentals. Vans are rented throughout the year, especially for moving house.

The cheapest in passenger cars!

Helm Car Rental offers passenger cars and buses in various sizes, all adjustable to your requirements. For holiday purposes, we offer spacious station cars and passenger buses, and for your daily use, we offer compact cars. Passenger car rentals are available from €42,00 per day.

The cheapest in commercial vehicles

Helm Car Rental offers vans ranging in size from 3.0 m3 up to even 10.0 m3. We also offer vans with a tow bar. All cars require a driving license level B. Van rentals are available from €49,00 per half-day.